Time to boycott the Anti Cancer Society?

Dr Mercola a very popular online newsletter doctor talks about the American Cancer Society conflict of interest and a follow the money example.

Estrogen Positive Cancer Treatment, Menopause

I am determined to beat this cancer and live so I have agreed to take the drug Arimidex which eliminates and stops any Estrogen from being produced in the body naturally.  Well that is certainly a lot of fun when it throws you into full blown Menopause.  The hot flashes occur about every hour on […]

Hip Pain signals return of Cancer

As New Years of 2010 was upon us, I experienced some pain in my hip and down the side of the leg.  Attributing it to Sciatica, and not the high heels I wore on New Years Eve, I had several sessions of Trigger Point Therapy.  The first session was very interesting as I became nauseus and experienced […]

Cancer Return After Traditional Therapy

After much reading and researching and soul searching as to why I found myself with this problem I can boil it down to several things:

Finally Found a Good Surgeon

A stellar day!  I finally found a surgeon I believe I can put my confidence in!  The name was given to me by a friend who is a VP at a major health provider here.  The surgeon is very down to earth, doesn’t patronize or have an attitude.  What a refreshing change!  She is willing […]

Treatment # 8

What started with a few hairs in the comb has changed to handfuls at a time. The IPT nurse said I’m the second one this has happened to, the other is currently in treatment also. She said it is one particular drug that we are both getting. Aren’t we lucky? Hair is falling, falling, falling, fallen; but the cancer is going, going, going, gone;

Surgeon Visit # 2

The doctor referred to the report saying it was growing and spreading and surgery was out of the question, even though physically it is smaller on the right, and the left can’t be felt at all. Basing her comments on the report alone she said the treatment was causing it to grow and surgery was out of the question.

IPT Treatment # 6

A very crazy morning, I really try to avoid stress on my treatment days.  However Mike had a trip so I had to have him to the airport by 6:15, then a meeting at 8 with a Texas business man.  I headed to Santa Fe about 10 where I was to meet up with Christine, […]

IPT Third Treatment

Now on the the third IPT treatment; it is beginning to feel routine.   we drive up Hwy 14 also called the Turquoise Trail, stop at Trader Joe’s for some items, and head over to the clinic.   A new patient was already hooked up and getting her IV and she noticed I had a PICC […]

IPT Treatment # 2

More prepared, calmer, with the pre requisite lunch and juice in a cooler we set off for the next appointment.  Since I had the IV line permanently installed I knew I wouldn’t have to be poked again except for the blood sugar testing which is somewhat of a relief as I’ve never enjoyed getting my […]